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On this tour you will have an opportunity to see killer whales!

Visit the Aniva lighthouse - a unique sight of Sakhalin. Erected near the hard-to-reach rocky Cape Aniva, the lighthouse bearing the same name is a concrete tower (31 m) having a side extension. This structure with a 40-meter-high lighting device has seven floors.

There is a battery storage room and a diesel room on the basement level and a food storeroom and a kitchen at the second floor. One floor above there was an operator’s room, a radio room and a place for a watchman. Employees lived at the very top.

The structure of this Japanese lighthouse created by engineer Miura Shinobu is outstanding. The light device was started with a clock mechanism. In the end of the 20th century the lighthouse, Russian by then, started to work using a thermoelectric generator. But there are no more working generators at this abandoned facility.

Tour program:
We conduct this tour between April 16 and November 15 (marine navigation is open during this period only!)
Tour price: 6000 rubles per person including transfer from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk; 5000 rubles from Novikovo Village.
Price reduction for children under 12: 1000 rubles.
Attention, please!!! The program time schedule indicated is approximate! The travel time depends on weather conditions (winds, rough sea, etc.) and other factors.
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