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Lake Busse is a lagoon lake. The lagoon got its name from Major N.V.Busse, a member of the Amur Expedition of 1849-1855. The lake area is 39.4 square kilometers, it is 9 km long and 7 km wide. Its depth reaches 4.5 meters. Brooks and rivers flow into the lake including the Shishkevicha and Arakul rivers. The lake is connected with lakes Chibisanskoye, Maloye Vavaiskoye and Bolshoye Vavaiskoye. There are various sea grasses and algae growing there among which red algae anfeltia from which agar-agar is produced is quite valuable. Mollusks, mainly, mussels, giant oysters, giant Ezo scallops, sea cucumbers inhabit this place, you can also also encounter a large sized Hokkai shrimp. This lake is a habitat for numerous species of fish, including humpback salmon, chum salmon, herring, saffron cod, smelt, crucian carp, taimen and others. Waterfowls nest around the lake.

The Busse Lagoon is a natural monument of regional significance, a rich ecosystem of great commercial and scientific importance.

During this excursion you will learn about the unique flora and fauna of the lake. Besides, you will have a chance to hold and admire giant oysters, whelks, sea urchins, see a Sakhalin surf clam hiding in the ground and shooting sprays, or a Kuznetsov's craboid camouflaging itself in the clumps of anfeltia. Our chef will cook Sakhalin delicacies on the fire.

Tour program:
Tour price: 6000 rubles, a 1000-ruble price reduction for children under 12
Attention!!! The program time schedule indicated is approximate because it is subject to change due to ebbs and tides. We provide rubber long boots, baskets for oysters and raincoats.
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