One-day tour
It is a trip to one of the most interesting places of out island - Lake Ptichye and Cape Menaputsi.

A beautiful shoreline of the sea of Okhotsk, picturesque views of Lake Ptichye, Lake Lebyazhye, Lake Barguzinskoye and Cape Menaputsi. During the trip we will pass along the shore of Aniva Bay, the waters of which are a part of the Sea of Japan, and having crossed the Tonino-Aniva Ridge we will descend at the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk, the eastern part of Sakhalin. In this tour you will also visit man-made lakes of the abandoned Novikovski open coal mine. The lakes possess a beautiful blue hue here.

Tour program:
Tour price: 6000 rubles, a 1000-ruble price reduction for children under 12

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