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Monument “Cannon”. The mass grave of Soviet soldiers killed at liberating the Southern Sakhalin in 1945 was erected at the Holmski Pass. It was a place of cruel fights with the enemy in August of 1945. A memorial was erected on the mass grave of Soviet soldiers who fell on August 20~23, 1945. It is a seven-meter-high ferroconcrete stele symbolizing a sea wave on the crest of which rests an artillery gun.
The Devils’s Bridge is a unique structure built back in 1920 by the Japanese. The road from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Kholmsk lay mainly through mountainous area, so the railway construction demanded serious efforts and brilliant engineering solutions, and the Devil’s Bridge represented one of them. To be precise, it is a small-sized railway complex.
On the way from Kholmsk to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk there is the Nikolaichuk station after which a long 870-meter tunnel starts, and it is this tunnel that passes under the bridge. The railway coming out of the tunnel describes a loop and goes sharply to a hill of about 40 meters in height, so that the Devil’s Bridge now passes above the tunnel. After its construction it became one of the most famous bridges in Japan due to this unique engineering decision.
Cape Slepikovskogo
The lighthouse at Cape Slepikovskogo is virtually a complete twin of the one standing on Cape Lamanon, and it is a round tower which, like most other Sakhalin lighthouses, built by the Japanese, is linked through corridors with auxiliary premises and living quarters. A rainwater collection system was used at the lighthouse for drinking and technical needs. Until 1905 the cape itself bore the name of Notoro, and in 1934 it was renamed into Otoro Misaki. In the Soviet period this cape got a new name commemorating the commander of the Chipisan detachment, staff captain Bronislav Vladislavovich Grotto-Slepikovski, who died a heroic death in a battle defending the South Sakhalin from the Japanese in 1905. The cape is unique and rather uncommon for this area. It received a status of a state natural monument of regional significance as based on a decision by the Sakhalin regional executive committee “On the recognition of noteworthy natural objects of the region as state memorials of nature”, dated January 4, 1995. Its area is 609 hectares.

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