One-day tour
One-day tour: The Torii Gate – the Klokovski Waterfall – Tikhaya Bay.

Tikhaya Bay is an extremely picturesque and stunning place located within Terpeniya Bay at the eastern coast of Sakhalin. Its name “Tikhaya” (tranquil) was given to it by the first Russian seafarer Ivan Kruzenshtern. Around the bay grow such plants as coastal wild rose, thermopsis, aralia, mertensia and others. The sand around the bay is only on the coasts while the largest area surrounding the bay is occupied by black-and-brown rocks and large boulders sticking out of the tight sandstone.
In this bay there is a rocky island called Zametnyi (Conspicuous) having a flat top and a wide base. It is hard to get near the rocks therefore there are many noisy seagulls there. It is nice to be fishing here while drifting in a boat. The quietness in the bay is beyond any comparison, however, sometimes seagull disturb it.
The waterfall, which is the highest on Sakhalin, is located on a nameless stream not far from Cape Klokova, hence it has acquired its unofficial name “Klokovski”. The waterfall is 49 meters high and consists of three cascades but looks like a uniform fall expanding at its lower part. The visible part of the waterfall is 35 meters but its upper cascade is covered by trees. Vzmorye is a fishermen village where in all times they used to catch fish both in summer and winter. It is a historical place, too, because the Japanese temple gate called “Torii” have remained preserved here in some miraculous way.
Another sightseeing location here in Vzmorye is a former Japanese basin-like port. Here at the sandy beach right opposite the Torii there is a small part of the shoreline onto which the sea throws pieces of amber.
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Tour price: 5000 rubles per person, children under 12 are granted a 1000-ruble price reduction! Hot Sakhalin-style lunch is included into the tour price!

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