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Cape Velikan (Cape Giant), Cape Ptichy (Birds’ Cape) – this place is a natural monument and probably the most impressing location on the shores of Sakhalin.

This natural monument, which received its status in 1990, is located in the Korsakov district on the eastern coast of the Tonino-Aniva Peninsula. Along the entire stretch of the coast from Cape Ptichy to Cape Velikan there are numerous grottoes created by winds and sea waves, caves, arches and pillars rising right out of the sea, being home to colonies of birds. These stone giants are located in cozy bays, whose sandy coasts are cut short by precipitous rocks covered with thick and impenetrable taiga forest.
This place is rather remote but easy to reach on dry days, therefore it is very popular both among dwellers of Sakhalin and guests of the island. People wishing to admire the local scenery never stop coming here. It happened that the cape names are always confused here which is imprinted firmly in our minds. However, if we want to restore the historical justice, it is better to say that the most beautiful stone statues, though we can see them here as well, actually stand on Cape Ptichy. But in most descriptions, it is this place that is called “Cape Velikan”, though in reality the cape bearing this name is located a bit further to the south.

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Price: 6000 rubles, a 1000-ruble price reduction for children under 12.
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