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A stunningly captivating tour along the southwestern shore of Sakhalin Island as far as Cape Vindis!

The cape is 35 km south of Shebunino Village and it is notable for having a mountain in its vicinities reminding of a cake, therefore it is call Kovrizhka (Gingerbread). The rock itself is linked with the shoreline by a narrow sandy isthmus. Mount Kovrizhka rises 78 meters above the sea level having a nearly perfect rounded shape with a diameter within 100 meters. It is composed of very hard, dark-colored rocks – basalts and magma embedded from below into the sedimentary rocks to harden there in the form of a vertically standing column.

The absolutely flat top of Kovrizhka is known to be a place where archeological sites of ancient people were found. There are hypotheses there that this natural structure was used by the Sakhalin aborigines as a fortress. It is possible to climb the top only from the east, but the last meters of the climb are very difficult to pass, so there is a rope for it fixed there.

Tour program:
Tour price: 7000 rubles, a 1000-ruble price reduction for children under 12
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